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Your 'at retirement' check list

Below is a list of things you should do to prepare for retirement and to ensure you make an informed decision. Remember the decisions you make now are often irreversible and may well effect a quarter of your life, so make sure they are informed decisions:


  • Find out what you are likely to get from the state by completing this government form called a BR19.
  • Check what existing benefits you are entitled to from your existing provider Click here for a check list of what to ask/check for.
  • Go through all you bank and credit card statements and categorise your current income and expenditure. Also make a 'best estimate' of what your future income and expenditure may be now and into retirement.
  • Gather together, perhaps on a spreadsheet all your savings and investments. A 'blank' spreadsheet is here to help if you wish.
  • Try and work out how you feel about how much risk you wish to take with your retirement income. Everyone will be different. You may already have an amazing final salary company pension scheme providing a high income and now just have a small pot from a job you had years ago. Or, you may have no income whatsoever and this pension you are taking now will be your main or only source of income. The risks you need to consider are:


Running out of money and your income stopping

Running out of money and you having to reduce your income

Inflation taking off and your pension becoming worthless

Taking out an annuity and dying early


  • Check the open market for what you can get. Depending on the above really does, to a degree determine the product. Even so, as a general rule it is important to get best quotes for:


Conventional Annuities including impaired and lifestyle

Fixed Term Annuities

Asset Backed Annuities

Pension drawdown

Taking your whole fund in cash


  • Find yourself a good financial adviser who is an expert in this field. It is very important you find a retirement income specialist, one with a qualification called G60 and/or the qualifications J05 and J06.  Ask yourself, would you go to a dentist to have your appendix out? If your answer is no ensure you seek out a qualified retirement income specialist!


  • Most important of all perhaps is to consider your partner and family. Far too many annuities have been sold over the years on what is called a 'single life' basis which means when the annuity holder dies the annuity stops and any partner or family will get nothing.


This is not a definitive list but will help you. if you have any questions whatsoever then please ask, we are here to help ....0800 888 6564 or email or fill in the form on the right.

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